Greatly Social (formerly Lately Social) Reviews

Greatly Social (formerly Lately Social) Reviews

"Easily the best application to post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  I have used it for the past year and can definitely say it has helped us grow our Instagram account to the number of followers we have today.  I can schedule posts for the entire week and not have to worry about it on a day to day basis.  HIGHLY recommended!"


Phitness Memes - Florida, United States

"So happy I found Greatly Social.  Super easy to post from your computer as well as schedule posts for the entire month.  I schedule posts daily to keep my followers engaged.  Definitely has helped grow my followers and likes.  Their customer service is also AMAZING!"


Danny Jacobs - California, United States

"What I like about Greatly Social is the easiness on scheduling posts on my laptop. I am able to post my videos on my Instagram account through Greatly Social. Since I don't like the hassle of importing the video on my phone which also takes up memory space. I also like the pop chat on the website as it allows for instant communication if I'm having any problems in navigating the website."


Kathryn - Sydney, Australia

"I love Greatly Social, as it provides a lot of freedom to create and post on different social platforms. It is very intuitive and has a lot of futures, which makes the posting a lot easier."


Life Push Up - Germany

"What I love about Greatly Social... less time consuming to upload on laptop rather than phone, issues quickly resolved by customer service, and it is very user friendly!  I use it post to IG for my business which was a pain to post from my phone!"


Pawznwiggles - Florida, United States

"Greatly Social is amazing!  Because of this appliation it is MUCH easier to upload photos, videos, and IG carousels from your computer to Instagram!"


Marketing Kalkulator - Budapest, Hungary

"I love using Greatly Social because it saves me a lot of time uploading directly from my computer to Instagram!"


FuFuGut - New York, United States

"Greatly Social makes it super easy because of how quickly I can upload posts to my Instagram account!"


Fortnite Bruu - Virginia, United States

"Without a doubt it's an incredible program to post to your social media accounts.  What I like most is you can schedule your posts and not have to worry about posting manually.  I will continue to use it!"


Rui Pedro Balas - Lisbon, Portugal

"I LOVE Greatly Social because it allows you to post on Instagram from your computer.  Plus it is very easy to use!"


Antonio Borba Correia - Lisbon, Portugal

"I love the way I can post to more then one social network at once, it's such a time saver and the customer service seems like its instant,  they even follow up with you!  I love the whole idea of this site just what I was looking for so easy to use!"


Marzell - Washington, United States

"Wiz Motion Studio as the name suggests is an Independent Film production house and needless to say, we have multiple accounts on social media to promote our films and other activities and events. The biggest problem that we face is that most of our films are edited on computer so it requires us to post and schedule our social media posts through computer. It becomes a tad uncomfortable working on multiple devices. And the main service is Instagram, it just doesn't work from PC/Computer and here's where Greatly Social has come to the rescue. It's an amazing site that allow me and my team to schedule multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It's a revolution in the game of social media and Greatly Social is definitely here to stay. I wish the entire team of Greatly Social good luck and looking forward to see it climbing heights of success."


Wiz Motion Studio - Aligarh, India

"Greatly social has proven a boon to us regarding scheduling social media posts. we run an entertainment blog/site and we have multiple social media pages to deal with. Needless to say, it becomes hectic to post each post on different platforms especially Instagram, and most of our work's done on a computer. Hence Greatly Social allows us to post on social media posts effectively. It's biggest advantage over the other apps and sites is that it lets you post on instagram through your PC and Laptop devices."


Anirudh - New Delhi, India

"I love their services, its super easy to use and very user friendly.  For me it saves lots of time, I can upload videos and schedule my post."


Shibabrata - New York, United States

"I honestly love this program.  I use it to upload my Fortnite clips to my Instagram."


Eli - New Jersey, United States

"I am a graphic designer with a passion for photography.  My laptop and I are hinged at the hip and I needed to post from my computer.  I also needed a central hub for my social marketing and Greatly Social was the answer.  Highly recommended!"


Bayron Mejia - New York, United States

"Saves up a ton of time. Has a great and easy to use layout which is helpful.  Definitely recommended."


FIT BODY BOOT CAMP  - California, United States

"I really like Greatly Social for its friendly interface and the prices of such accessible plans."


Yorsh  - Guadalajara, Mexico

"Greatly social is awesome I love the features they are easy to use and make posting easy. I really like how you can schedule a post for later and not have to worry about it.
Using Greatly social has stepped my social media game up."


Clinton  - Ohio, United States

"When I found Greatly Social I was very relieved because the system I had used was no longer available. It's an awesome system because not all my Instagram posts come from my phone. Many I actually create myself at the computer. I love that you can also post to other social media platforms as well. I have found LinkedIn can actually be quite effective when promoting my blog. Greatly Social is nice and simple to use as well. No need to be a rocket scientist. So, I highly recommend you get started, Thanks Greatly Social."


Bryce  - Hamilton, New Zealand

"For the first time I had a wee problem with my account, so contacted customer service team. Within 6 mins of contacting them my account was upgraded and I'm now back in business. Outstanding service!"


Pete  - London, United Kingdom

"Sometimes when certain software stops working, it can be very very frustrating and disappointing, however in certain cases, it's really good, it gives you the opportunity to search for a replacement.  The replacement can sometimes be a lot better, more features, more options, and better functuionality.  So when the previous software I used post Instagram images stopped working, I searched for an alternative and found Greatly Social.  Greatly Social is a fantastic platform that allows me To post to 4 of my social media accounts all at one time."



"I absolutely do LOVE Greatly Social! I am so glad I found you. I love being able to post pics from my computer, which are higher quality than my phone. I love you easy Greatly Social makes it to do so many things. I especially love that I can post several pics at a time. I had stopped using Instagram until I found Greatly Social. Now I post almost every day."


Shari  - Oregon, USA